Lyrics2Learn Review (2021 Edition)

Our Rating on Lyrics2Learn

A fellow teacher introduced me to Lyrics2Learn because of my 18 years experience as a private music teacher. We were looking for ways to improve our student’s reading fluency and comprehension.

This is my first year to teach in an elementary, public school setting, and I am always trying to find ways to integrate music into teaching the core curriculum Lyrics2Learn most definitely gets 5 stars from me, and my students!

What are the Pros and Cons of Lyrics2Learn?


  • Lyrics2Learn is easy to set up for individual students
  • It is affordable
  • The students are engaged with learning
  • Many songs and themes to choose from
  • Teachers have the ability to assign only what they want
  • Teachers have data to make informed decisions in future lesson planning
  • The program is research based. You can see the research here:


I’ll admit that I haven’t had a massive amount of time to dig around in the teacher dashboard, but I have not found a way to turn off the vocalist that sings the songs. I would love to see an option to have a Karaoke version of the songs.

I used the program in a group format at first to gauge the student’s reactions. On the fly, I had boys against girls reading battles. The kids really engaged with this little bit of competitiveness, but the program would be so much better if the songs came with only an instrumental track.

Our Review on Lyrics2Learn

Lyrics2Learn would be an engaging way to teach your classroom or child reading fluency and comprehension. With it’s ability to support children ages K-5th grade, this program can grow with your child’s skill level. It is a must-have, fun way to get your children engaged with reading.

Learn more:

Check out to see learn more about this fun program for your child or classroom!

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